A Spectacular Spring Break: Looking Through the Lens of the Museum’s Youngest Fans

This year, Spring Break at the Museum was an exciting time to be immersed in the world of glass! With lots of different events and activities happening at the Museum and at The Studio, there were plenty of thrilling, glassy things to be excited about!


Many special events took place over the course of Spring Break, such as Blown Away residencies featuring John Moran, John Sharvin, and Minhi England (stay tuned to our YouTube channel, these guest artist livestreams will be uploaded soon!), You Design It; We Make It demonstrations happening daily, special seasonal Make Your Own Glass projects, scavenger hunts in the Museum, and more.

With all the exciting events happening around the Museum and so many kids visiting it for the first time, I decided to sit down with some young fans of glass to speak to them about their experiences at The Corning Museum of Glass! The kids told me all about their favorite aspects of the Museum, how making a project at Make Your Own Glass made them want to become a glassblower, and so much more!

Liam from Make Your Own Glass helping a guest create their piece of glass art. Guests can create ornaments, fused suncatchers, flameworked pendants, and much more!

What is your favorite thing that you have seen at the Museum so far?

McKenna, age 16: “My favorite thing that I have seen so far is the Contemporary Art + Design Wing. I really liked all of the art in that part of the Museum.”

Griffin, age 8: “The demos! My favorite demonstration was the glassbreaking demonstration. It was pretty cool. I learned a lot about glass.”

Alden, age 11: “Glassblowing at Make Your Own Glass! Yesterday I got to make a sculpture. It was tall and curly at the top. It was blue with yellow dots!”

What is something you learned about glass today while visiting the Museum?

McKenna: “I didn’t know that glass can be shaped to make different things. But now I know that it can be shaped to make a lot of different things. I didn’t really realize that glass can be art.”

Griffin: “I learned about stress in glass! Stress can be uneven, even, and sometimes there is no stress at all.”

Alden: “When glass is melted, you can bend it and shape it into whatever you want to make.”

Hosted weekly in the Amphitheater Hot Shop, You Design It; We Make It allows kids to create drawings that have a chance to be turned into glass sculptures by our incredible Hot Glass Team! During Spring Break, this purple alien was chosen to be created by the Hot Glass Team!

After visiting the Museum, do you think that you would want to learn how to blow glass?

McKenna: “I think that it would be cool, I would try it!”

Griffin: “Oh yeah! I want to learn how!”

Alden: “I would really like to learn. Especially after trying glassblowing for the first time yesterday.”

What is your favorite thing about glass?

McKenna: “I like how versatile glass is. It has so many different uses. It is something that we use every day. Plus, glass can even be art!”

Griffin: “My favorite thing about glass is that you can see through it.”

Alden: “I think my favorite thing about glass is that people can create really cool art and designs out of it.”

Glassblower Helen Tegeler adding the final touches to this You Design It; We Make It piece!

Here at The Corning Museum of Glass, the fun never stops! Spring Break was jam-packed with exciting activities and events for all ages, and you can expect summer at the Museum to be the exact same! This summer we will have activities throughout the Museum for kids and teens to participate in! We will offer activities such as scavenger hunts, You Design It; We Make It demonstrations, and various interactive activities in partnership with our new exhibition, Dig Deeper: Discovering an Ancient Glass Workshop.

Aside from activities, the Museum will be hosting exciting events as well! So, keep up with all the goings-on this summer at the Museum where you can learn about glass, see centuries worth of glass art, and create unbreakable memories with your family!

P.S. Kids and Teens (17 & under) get free Museum admission!

Follow us on Instagram @CorningMuseum or keep an eye out for new events being listed on our website!

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Bryn Van Horne is interning with the Museum's Marketing & Communications team as the MarCom Social Media + Special Projects intern from February through May 2023. Prior to her internship, Bryn worked at The Studio in the Make Your Own Glass department.

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