Have A Heart! Guests Show Love for their Favorite Artworks on Valentine’s

What’s your favorite artwork at The Corning Museum of Glass? If I had to choose just one, I would say mine is Section One, Veils by Mark Peiser which was recently put on view in the Contemporary Art + Design Wing. With so many amazing objects on display, it’s hard to pick just one. But that’s exactly what we asked visitors to do this past Valentine’s Day weekend. We were interested to see what artworks were their favorites, especially since there are some different objects on view since the last time we offered this activity a couple of years ago.

Guests to the Museum show their love for our safety ambassador, Penguin Pierre.

Between February 12 and Valentine’s Day, visitors were given blue heart-shaped sticky notes to place near their favorite artworks in the Museum. Many thanks to our friends in the Guest Services Department for their help handing out hearts! Members of the Education Department then collected and counted the hearts, all 273 of them! 

In 35 Centuries of Glass, Ghost Walk Under Infinite Darkness had 4 hearts, more than any other piece in that part of the Museum. Honorable mentions include Window from Rochroane Castle, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, and the Mechanical Glass Theatre.

Ghost Walk under Infinite Darkness by Andre Erdos was the 28th Rakow Commission in 2013.

In the Crystal City Gallery, the Punch Bowl and 44 Cups in the “Tiffany” Pattern got 3 hearts. Someone also liked Cinderella’s Glass Slipper and another liked Mining Industries: Corning, 2018.

In the Heineman Gallery, Chess Set got 8 hearts. Cityscape and Macchia Seaform Group also got multiple hearts.

On the West Bridge, 6 visitors gave their heart to Cat Burns’ Vacuum Cleaner Supervillain in the Blown Away Season 2 Exhibit, and there were 6 hearts on the Junior Curators exhibition as well.

In the Innovation Center, there were 8 hearts placed in Corelle’s Durable Legacy.

The Contemporary Art & Design Wing had the most hearts of any other area of the Museum. There were multiple hearts on Lynx After a Sketchbook Page by Albrecht Durer, Continuous Mile, Carroña, and Hot Rod Derby Car #2. But the piece that collected the most hearts throughout the entire weekend was Cephaloproteus Riverhead (Four Hearts, Ten Brains, Blue Blood Drained through an Alembic) with a whopping 30 hearts!

Dustin Yellin’s Cephaloproteus Riverhead was by far the most popular object this year.

And of course, a few visitors even showed their love for Penguin Pierre.

So, what’s your favorite artwork at The Corning Museum of Glass? Stop in and see the new artworks on view since your last visit, as well as some of your old favorites.

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