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Corelle: practical, strong, timeless, and perfect for everywhere. As true today as it was when Corelle was first invented in 1970. With a reputation for strength well-known around the world from Corning to Australia and designs that have stood the test of time, Corelle is a household brand beloved by many.  

Corelle Market Street pattern, made in Corning.
Corelle Market Street pattern, made in Corning.

In June, The Corning Museum of Glass hosted a live virtual lecture on the history, science, and design of Corelle. The discussion was hosted by Kathryn Aguilar, science educator at The Corning Museum of Glass, and Kathryn was joined by Colleen McFarland Rademaker, manager of archives and special collections at the Rakow Research Library, along with two special guests from Corelle’s parent company, Instant Brands—VP of Glass Engineering & Technology David A. Earl and Senior Designer Rosemary Mingle.

Listeners joined the live presentation from many states across the US, including California, Oregon, Alabama, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania among others, and of course New York with folks in Corning, Ithaca, and nearby all tuning in. One guest even popped up from Brazil, a true testament to the worldwide reach and appeal of Corelle.

Learn about the surprising origin and history of Corelle (and Pyrex too) from Colleen McFarland Rademaker and watch some of the Rakow Library’s collection of newly digitized vintage Corelle tv ads—true archival treasures that today’s collectors and enthusiasts can all enjoy. Then learn about the technical side of production from David Earl. You’ll get a glimpse of the giant tanks where 300 tons of molten glass used to make Corelle is prepared at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, discover what makes the design process so interesting and fun for designers like Rosemary Mingle and find out what new designs we can expect to see this year. If you like Star Wars, this is a must!

This Connected by Glass episode, along with all past episodes, is now available to watch on our YouTube channel.


Visit The Corning Museum of Glass to experience Dish It! Corelle at 50, a special exhibit celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary. The exhibit gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at objects they likely use each day. Guests can view 50 well-known Corelle patterns, see 40 different shapes of dinnerware, and learn about the people who play important roles in bringing each dish to your table, people like David Earl and Rosemary Mingle.

The exhibit remains on view through February 27, 2022.

To learn more about the science behind Corelle and its unbreakable reputation, check out our earlier blog post, Three Unbreakable Layers: The Secret of Corelle, by Marvin Bolt, curator emeritus of science and technology at the Museum.

Now that you know what Corelle patterns our guest speakers use at home, tell us what patterns you have and love in the comments.

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