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At The Corning Museum of Glass, Members experience a more intimate connection with our Museum, both in-person and virtually worldwide, through insider access to new exhibitions, the permanent collection, and glassy Member programming. Through the charitable gift portion of each membership, Members also help support the Museum in actively educating, collecting, preserving, and sharing the art, history, and science of glass.

Each year, the Museum welcomes guests from all around the world, but did you know we also have Members that come from 41 states across the US and 15 countries? That’s quite the trip for some! Our Members know how to take full advantage of their annual memberships and have visited more than 1600 times already this year.

And what’s more, all of our Members have a unique story to tell.

How did they discover the Museum? What brings them back time and time again? Why do they love glass so much?

Members continue to build on that story with every visit to CMoG. Membership brings a sense of community, exclusive access to our events and exhibitions, great discounts, and, of course, wonderful new memories each year.

So, let’s meet some of our Members and find out what they love about The Corning Museum of Glass.

Q. Why do you feel a sense of connection to The Corning Museum of Glass?

“As an artist (mostly graphic media), I am always on the lookout for design ideas and interesting pieces of work. The Museum has been a constant source of inspiration since becoming a Member in 2009. I often visit the Museum for specific galleries, such as the Carder Gallery. That connection extends to the people and artists associated with the Museum.” – Mark Norton, Willseyville, NY

“Because of our lifelong love of fine art and glass. We learned, while living in Vienna, that Czech glass was an ‘uprising’ from the controlling communist authority, and that artists such as Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová were at first only able to be seen in very limited places. The Corning Museum of Glass was one of those places.” – Martha and Dady Mehta, Ann Arbor, MI

Red Pyramid by Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová
Red Pyramid by Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, 1993, (94.3.101) is a favorite of members Martha and Dady Mehta.

“For anyone interested in glass, everything is here: excellent teachers, students, staff, and especially glass!” – Alex Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Q: Do you have a favorite memory or experience at The Corning Museum of Glass?

“I have fond memories of the opening of the new Contemporary Art + Design Wing. It was wonderful to meet the people who had put so much time and passion into something the world can share. I found the architecture to be harmonious with the display of important contemporary works. It was an exciting event and I look forward to others in the future.” – Mark Norton

“It was love at first sight! It’s just such a wonderful place, any time we’re able to travel that far it’s a memorable experience. The Corning Museum of Glass is a monumental home for the history of glass art and sculpture from ancient times to the contemporary. We learn more each time.” – Martha and Dady Mehta

“I have many memories but, the most significant one was when my Mum and I flew done to Elmira with my friends Sue and George Robinson in 1987. George had recently obtained his private pilot’s license and we were eager to go. This was during an exhibition called Glass of the Caesars, and we were all astounded at the displays and quality of glass. We had lunch in the cafeteria then spent another hour looking at the exhibition along with some other more permanent displays. After a taxi ride back to Elmira, the two-hour flight to Ottawa, and a short drive, we arrived back home. We have all re-lived those memories many times, I still do!” – Alex Hamilton

Q: Why do you feel it’s important to support The Corning Museum of Glass through Membership?

“I believe the Museum plays a vital role in communicating the depth and variety of glasswork to the greater public. In addition to being a great place to visit and browse, the Museum offers a lot of programming in the form of lectures, special exhibits, courses, and outreach. To me, these are important things that need my support as a member.” – Mark Norton

Mark Norton learning how to blow glass.

“We first visited the Museum in 1980 and soon thereafter became members, returning as often as possible each year. We found the Museum to be well run and the exhibits wonderfully organized and presented. It was worthy of our support.” – Martha and Dady Mehta

“Memberships are important for the Museum to continue to know who is out there, and who really likes glass. Members learn about upcoming projects and special events and membership also helps to fund those that need a hand in advancing their work and skills.” – Alex Hamilton

These interviews were originally published in Issue 38 of Gather magazine (Summer 2021). Gather is published two times annually for Members of The Corning Museum of Glass, it is just one of the many benefits enjoyed with Membership. To learn more about becoming a Member, please visit our website.

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