Bringing the Heat: CMoG’s Glassblowers Take Center Stage

Livestreamed demonstrations with our favorite featured artists are back! And they couldn’t come at a better time. With the Fall season bringing with it some chillier mornings, why not join us in the Hot Shop and warm yourself from the fire of the furnace, or curl up at home on your couch, with slippers and a hot cup of tea, and tune in live.

Glassmakers who work in the Museum’s Amphitheater Hot Shop are some of the world’s most talented artists working in glass—and they’re ready to bring the heat in a new series of demonstrations that feature individual artists and their A-games. During each demo, an artist will proudly present a personal design they’ve worked to perfect and will be live on the mic to answer audience questions in real time—a rarity for live artist demonstrations, and a first at the Museum. 

Eric Goldschmidt making a figurine during his Bring the Heat livestream demonstration.

On September 16, master flameworker Eric Goldschmidt kicked off the series with a delicately crafted stylized figure, a new form he’s been working on for the past year. As Eric nimbly pulled the figure into shape, he shared his insights into the design’s development and color preparation, working with large-scale solid borosilicate, figurative sculpture, and the many other flameworking fundamentals that have shaped his career and artistic choices.

But if you missed Eric’s demonstration, don’t worry, you can watch the whole thing again on our YouTube channel now. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Bring the Heat is scheduled through the end of the year and beyond, bringing you closer to the Museum glassblowers you know and love. Our local artists are sought after for their expertise and artistic talent and it is our pleasure to cast them center stage.

Guggenheim Cup, Giuseppe Barovier, about 1885 (2013.3.19)

Check out whose up next:

Jeff Mack – September 30

For this demonstration watch CMoG’s master glassmaker, Jeff Mack, create a replica of the elaborate Guggenheim Cup, thought to have originally been made in Venice in the 17th century. This form, and many like it, have been replicated and expounded upon for generations in Murano as decorative and symbolic objects. Pieces like this often served as a test of skill for the master and a demonstration of a glasshouse’s overall capabilities. Inspired by a version made by Giuseppe Barovier in the late in the 1880s, which now resides in the Museum’s collection, Jeff will create his own iteration—as a tribute to his glassmaking friends and mentors from the island of Murano.

George Kennard – October 14

Long-time Museum gaffer, George Kennard, will be creating a decorative vase inspired by the flameworked glass of Kurt Wallstab. Using the incalmo technique, George will combine various patterned and colored bubbles to create a piece drawing from the styling of Wallstab’s famous “Montage” works. Knowing George, this show is sure to be a big and exciting show.

Cat Burns – October 28

You may know Cat Burns as the TikTok sensation and maker of the 2020 Unity pumpkin, but Cat is also a local and frequent glassblower at the Museum and the Studio. With her pumpkin of the year in such high demand, Cat will be demonstrating the colorful design in all its glory and describing the thought process behind this unique creation.

Rainbow Unity 2020 CMoG Annual Pumpkin by Cat Burns.

Chris Rochelle – November 11

During his livestream, Chris Rochelle will be creating air-twist patterns in glass for use in intricate goblets. This old and complex technique involves trapping lines of air in a gather of glass and twisting it to create a mesmerizing spiral effect. Joined by a trusted team of gaffers, this demo will rely heavily on teamwork, utilizing the “garage” (an oven to hold glass objects at the right temperature), Chris will pre-make each separate piece and then assemble them into a finished work of art.

Helen Tegeler during a Guest Artist demonstration in 2019.

Helen Tegeler – December 9

Taking cues from nature and the cycle of the seasons, CMoG Gaffer Helen Tegeler is planning a demonstration that combines her sense of humor, creativity, and glassmaking skill to create an object inspired by the winter wonderland that upstate New York becomes at the end of the year. By December we’ll definitely need something to keep us warm!

All demonstrations will be on a Wednesday, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, EDT, in the Amphitheater Hot Shop, and streamed live on YouTube. Select pieces made during these demonstrations will be available for purchase in The Shops, another first for The Corning Museum of Glass, check back for details.


And in a further twist of events, all of our You Design It! We Make It! shows will also be going virtual this fall for your home-viewing pleasure. A staple of our on-site hot glass demonstrations for nearly two decades, You Design It! is a fun activity for all the family. Fans can now submit drawings from wherever they are, then engage with the demo either in person or via livestream to see a design coming to life in glass. For more details on this, please check our website.

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