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Could there be a better time to discover Blown Away, the hottest show on Netflix? Oh, you already have! Well, then now’s the perfect time to ‘re-binge’. Is that a thing? It should be!

Blown Away now streaming on Netflix
Blown Away is streaming on Netflix.

Season one of Blown Away has 10 thrilling 25-minute episodes positively bursting with excitement, talent, sweat, and just a little competitive bickering. Not to mention, quite a bit of broken glass. But we know you’ll be hooked as, week by week, the contestants get whittled down to one deserving winner, crowned “Best in Blow!”

And, did you know that, like any good DVD, we have plenty of extras to keep you entertained! From interviews to behind-the-scenes footage to science experiments exploring the nature of glass, we’ve got it all in one easy-to-find place: our YouTube channel.

The Corning Museum of Glass was proud to have been involved in production from the very beginning, contributing ideas, expertise, glassblowers, a finale judge, and the coveted grand prize: the newly established Blown Away Residency at the Museum. But that’s not all we did. Teaming up with Blown Away host Katherine Gray, a celebrated glass artist in her own right, and cohost Nick Uhas, we brought the Blown Away feeling right to the Museum’s doorstep.

Silbert (left) chatting with Gray at the Museum.

Gray, joined by Susie J. Silbert, curator of post-war and contemporary glass at the Museum, filmed a series of short videos in the Museum’s Contemporary Art + Design Galleries, discussing Gray’s career in glass and the current state of contemporary glass art. These short talks set the backdrop for the glass world that the Blown Away contestants will be hoping to tap into as they bring their ideas to life and showcase the awe-inspiring potential of glass.

Meek (left) chatting with Uhas on the set.

Uhas on the other hand, a science nerd at heart, couldn’t wait to explore the properties of glass. Ably assisted and encouraged by Eric Meek, senior manager of hot glass programs, Uhas explored his newfound love of glass in a series of explosive don’t-try-this-at-home videos, filmed on the set of Blown Away. It’s fair to say that Uhas, a self-proclaimed “newbie” to glass, was blown away by what he learned. He was so inspired by glass, in fact, that he couldn’t help taking it home with him! You’ll find more glassy videos on his wildly popular TikTok and YouTube channel as well.


Did you also know we invited members of the cast and production team to the Museum for a tell-all question and answer session? Listen in as they fondly recall what it took to bring this incredible production to the worldwide stage, introducing glass to a huge new audience that quickly fell in love with the material just as we knew they would.

We won’t spoil the surprise of revealing the season one winner, but when you’re ready for it you can also watch their full Guest Artist and Blown Away Residency demonstrations right here as well. With the full capabilities of the Museum’s Amphitheatre Hotshop at their disposal, the sky was the limit for what they could do.  

Whose work is this? Watch Blown Away to discover which contestant won a prize package to The Corning Museum of Glass.

And finally, as if all that incredible content wasn’t enough, tune in for a special edition of our brand-new live* chat series Connected by Glass and hear as special guests from Blown Away reconnect and see where life has taken them since the show first aired in 2019.

Click HERE for the full playlist of all these Blown Away goodies.

And for a little extra reading material, our blog is the place to go. With all the original announcements and post-season interviews, you’ll get to hear from every artist of this groundbreaking show, and the Museum staff who helped make it all happen.

So, there you have it! Get ready, get excited, and get up to speed with all things Blown Away!

*Connected by Glass aired live on May 21, 2020, and is now available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Binge watched the ‘Blown Away’ season and loved it! Came here looking for updates on Season 2 and of course, the Museum!

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