CMoG Keeps You Busy: Things You Can Do at Home

Are you at home and in need of new sources of inspiration? Have you already exhausted your to-do list of house projects, cleaned the kitchen multiple times, finished several books, and asked everyone you know what’s good on Netflix? Well, don’t worry, The Corning Museum of Glass has some fresh ideas for you and the whole family.

We’ve searched our blog archive for a selection of unique things you can do from the comfort of your own home while still practicing social distancing, so let’s see what’s on the agenda for today.


Perhaps it’s time you dusted off all the old Pyrex you have stored away in various cupboards and hidden in the attic and gave everything a thorough clean.

Read this blog about how to correctly clean your Pyrex collection and restore everything to its former glory. Maybe you’ll want to start baking afterward!

Chihuly-inspired sculpture by Tonawanda Middle School students

Need something to keep your children happy? Or perhaps you like arts and crafts too!

This Dale Chihuly-inspired school project is a wonderfully colorful task that will brighten up your day and take care of some old recycling at the same time.

Shattered glass on black with shards of broken glass from a dropped destroyed tumbler

Maybe you’ve been home a little too long and things are starting to break…

Accidents will happen, but this blog has you covered. Find out how to put your favorite glass items back together again, or at least find a conservator to help.

This early itinerant glassworker claimed the figures in his Cartesian diver bottle responded to his commands.

Have you recently stepped into the teacher’s shoes at home? Here a science puzzle that’s sure to help. Another fun and educational activity for kids that’ll keep them occupied for hours.

Learn what a Cartesian Diver is and how to make one at home with this how-to blog.

Box of movie popcorn

Or, maybe you just need to take it easy for a few hours and catch up on some classic movies.

Here is a list of movies you’ll know, and probably some you won’t, that all feature glass in some way, shape, or form. Enjoy!

The final candy ornament!

If the last two child-friendly blogs didn’t do the trick, this one certainly will! Combining two of our favorite things: glass and candy.

Make some decorative ornaments to hang around the house, and when you’re feeling peckish they’ll be close to hand.


If you decide to take on all six of these adventures, we know you’ll be busy for a while! Send us your comments and pictures so that we can see you in action.

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