Celebrating The Studio: Miriam Di Fiore

Miriam Di Fiore

Miriam Di Fiore

Miriam Di Fiore has been working with fused glass since 1985. Her fused landscape works are in many public and private collections, and have been displayed in numerous exhibitions around the world. Di Fiore co-founded the Vetroricerca Glass School in Italy and has been teaching for more than 15 years.

What has your involvement been with The Studio over the years? I have been invited to teach in The Studio several times during the last ten years. I cannot forget the first time I got the invite letter. Such big emotion!!! Anyone could be proud getting this letter, but for me, it was like the world was telling me: “Brava! Brava, Miriam! You will teach in Corning!” Sincerely, I can tell that several times it helped me. From teaching at The Studio, I have the energy and courage to continue in my way.

What do you like about working at The Studio? Each time I was in The Studio, I felt “at home.” I always felt welcome, appreciated, recognized, and respected. Everything was organized perfectly to allow me working in the best of the ways, in the best environment, with everything I would need to make my best work ready there for me. It was and is a pure honor have been part of The Studio teachers team during all these years, and hope I will be able to continue contributing to this extraordinary place in the future.

Balalaika by Miriam Di Fiore

Balalaika by Miriam Di Fiore

As The Studio celebrates its 20th birthday, what would you say about its influence on the glass community? The Studio has been providing extraordinary opportunities for learning glass art techniques and processes, sharing the experience with hundreds of glass artists and students coming from all around the world. The fact that The Studio is connected with the Museum and with the Rakow Research Library, and that the city of Corning is involved with the history and the art of glass, makes of The Studio one of the BEST places in the world where glassmakers and artists can look for answers. I found a lot, and my experiences in The Studio have contributed a lot to my knowledge, and to my joy of working with glass. I have met unforgettable people, extraordinary Masters, and students from each corner of the planet. Artists coming from several different disciplines have found in The Studio a fertile soil where they can develop new ideas, beauty, science, and art.

In 20 years, The Studio has become a legend…and I am proud to be a part of it.

Thanks, Miriam!

May 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass, one of the foremost teaching schools for glass in the world. To celebrate, we are featuring 20 artists in the 20 weeks leading up to the birthday. These artists have studied, taught, and created at The Studio. Each Saturday, we’ll share words and work from the artists who have formed a connection with our Studio and our staff.

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