Celebrating The Studio: Martin Janecky

Martin Janecky

Martin Janecky

Martin Janecky began his career with glass at the age of 13 and later explored sculpting methods in the Czech Republic. By the time he was 20, he was employed by leading artists and designers around the world to assist and to execute specific works. Janecky has served as an instructor, visiting artist, and gaffer at several glassmaking schools, including The Studio, Penland School of Crafts, and Pilchuck Glass School.

In March 2016, Janecky worked at The Studio as an Artist-in-Residence, during which time he continued his figurative sculptural work. He was drawn to the opaline glass that is made in The Studio and worked with that glass during his residency. Following the residency, Janecky spent a week as a Guest Artist in the Amphitheater Hot Shop.

What has your involvement been with The Studio over the years? I have been an instructor at The Studio for past ten years. It was my first teaching job in the United States, given to me by Amy Schwartz, and I have been teaching there every year. I will continue to share everything I know with the students who are taking my classes, as well as glass lovers who comes trough the Museum. Being involved with The Studio has given me the opportunity not only to teach, but also to experiment, really pushing my abilities in glass. The energy of that place is special. Also one of the most important things for me is that I get to meet lots of great new people and glass masters from all around the world who inspire me—and keep me in line!

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What do you like about working at The Studio? Amy, Bill, Karen, Harry, Jeremy, Kyle, Christa. It’s all about the people who runs the place. That’s what makes it special. Also, The Studio is one my favorite hot shops in USA to work in. Everything works, and that’s a beautiful thing!

As The Studio celebrates its 20th birthday, what would you say about its effect on the glass community? The impact is huge—same as Pilchuck or Penland. It changes people’s lives, like mine. The Studio has been an important playground for very serious people who are eager to learn and explore new techniques and what’s possible in glass.

Bill Gudenrath, Amy Schwartz, Jiri Harcuba, April Surgent, Martin Janecky, summer 2012, Jiri is leaving The Studio after teaching annually since 1997.

Bill Gudenrath, Amy Schwartz, Jiri Harcuba, April Surgent, Martin Janecky, summer 2012.

Thanks, Martin!

May 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass, one of the foremost teaching schools for glass in the world. To celebrate, we are featuring 20 artists in the 20 weeks leading up to the birthday. These artists have studied, taught, and created at The Studio. Each Saturday, we’ll share words and work from the artists who have formed a connection with our Studio and our staff.

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