Top 15 Instagram Photos of 2015

John Miller's doughnut made during a live-streamed demo at The Studio.

With 2015 drawing to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our biggest moments of the year in photos. Check out our top 15 Instagram posts of 2015, and remember to follow us @CorningMuseum.

15. Heating coffee during our GlassLab deployment at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France.

Ever wonder how #glassmakers heat their #coffee? #Boisbuchet #design #glassofIG

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14. Scientific glassmaker, Kiva Ford, took over our Instagram feed during GlassFest in May.

13. Eric Meek, our manager of hot glass programs, stands with the life-size child created by Jaime Guerrero and team during the November 2300°.

12. Catching a glimpse of glassmaking in the 1550s, thanks to Georgius Agricola’s De re metallica (On Metals), found in the collection of the Rakow Research Library.

11. Maestro Lino Tagliapietra joined us in the new Amphitheater Hot Shop during the Contemporary Art + Design Wing opening weekend festivities in March.

10. Several artists dazzled the audience at SOFA Chicago with a hot glass demo on the Roadshow stage. A special treat was watching Italian maestro, Silvano Signoretto, work in the U.S. for the very first time.

9. During his Instagram takeover, scientific glassmaker Kiva Ford shared Ruby Conical Intersection with Amber Sphere by Harvey Littleton.

8. John Miller‘s live-streamed demo at The Studio is a sweet addition to this list!

John Miller’s #glass #doughnut from this morning’s live-streamed demo ? #glassmaking #glassblowing #livestream #frostedwithsprinkles A video posted by Corning Museum of Glass (@corningmuseum) on

7. And so is the final product.

John Miller’s #glass #doughnut is out of the oven today #glassblowing #frostedwithsprinkles #glasshasnocalories

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6. Boyd Sugiki joined the Hot Glass Demo Team in the Amphitheater Hot Shop while he was here teaching a class at The Studio. These are his beautiful Striped Bowls.

5. Jaime Guerrero puts the finishing touches on his life-size child during the November 2300°.

4. Kiva Ford’s “Bottle within a Bottle” grouping proved to be quite popular when we announced his Instagram takeover.

3. Lino Tagliapetra’s work comes out of the annealer after our Contemporary Art + Design Wing opening weekend.

Lino Tagliapietra’s pieces from this weekend out of the annealer. #newspacenewlight #glass #glassofig

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2. First glimpses at work out of the annealer are always popular—especially when they’re the product of live-streamed Studio demos, like this piece by Martin Janecky.

1. Our most popular Instagram photo of the year is another from Kiva Ford’s takeover, and a favorite piece in the Museum’s collection: Cityscape by Jay Musler.

Happy New Year from your friends at The Corning Museum of Glass!

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