Glass Artist Jeff Mack to Join Hot Glass Team at The Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass will soon have a new hot glass programs supervisor, Jeff Mack, a talented and respected glassmaker, whose strong museum background will be an important asset for the Museum’s Hot Glass Team.

Jeff Mack

Jeff Mack

“I have known Jeff and followed his career for many years,” said Eric Meek, manager of hot glass programs at CMoG. “He brings relevant experience to CMoG that will complement and round out the expertise of our team. His natural talent and dedication to glass will be a wonderful addition to the diverse programs we offer.”

Jeff was introduced, and subsequently became addicted to glassblowing at Bowling Green State University, 22 years ago. Meek also attended BGSU where he met Jeff.

“I love the diversity of the material, the way that it’s made and manufactured, and the teamwork aspect,” Jeff said. “I love working directly with glass, and at the same time, I am fascinated by the history of the material; exploring its many uses for art, industry, architecture and everything in between. I am awed by its integral role in modern civilization. It’s woven into nearly everything we do.”

Jeff is no stranger to CMoG. He has taken and taught classes at The Studio, and he completed an Instructor Collaborative Residency with Laura Donefer in September 2012. Together, they worked to imitate classic vessel shapes in the Museum’s collection, adding crazy “Doneferian” twists, loading them with texture and pattern. Jeff was also the guest artist at our 2300° event in January 2014.

Jeff has worked in a museum setting for 17 years, most recently managing the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art for seven years, and prior to that, working as a glassblower and instructor at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

Jeff is looking forward to joining the Hot Glass Demo Team in December.

“I’m excited to become a part of such an incredible team of professionals,” Jeff said, “and for the opportunity to work in proximity to the Museum’s collection and resources, as well as the opportunity to realize the potential of the new Amphitheater Hot Shop.”

Jeff will support key hot glass programs as well as projects on- and off-site, and will be responsible for overseeing daily activities in the Museum’s new hot shop, which opened in March. He will work with Eric to manage deployments such as GlassLab and the Hot Glass Roadshow.

Jeff, his wife, and three daughters are looking forward to moving to Corning.

“Corning, to my family and I, seems like an idyllic place,” he said. “A place with a great quality of life in a beautiful part of the country. We’re all excited about this new chapter.”

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