Meet a Museum Glassmaker: Jeremy Unterman

Jeremy Unterman began working with glass in 1999. After getting the ball rolling for Keystone College’s glass program by building a glory hole and an annealer, Jeremy went on to the glass program at the Tyler School of Art.

What do you do here at the Museum?

At the Museum I am facility coordinator/ shop technician and I help run the shop. I also help with the Artist-in-Residence program and I get to teach classes once in a while, which is a lot of fun, too.

What has your experience been with glass before coming to the Museum?

I went to Urban Glass in the winter of 1999 and did a two-week internship there and fell in love with the material and everybody who was around the place. It was a very vibrant, lively atmosphere. I got hired to do some assisting in the hot shop to do pretty basic stuff – with no experience, I was getting employed and having a good time and I was learning. When my two-week internship came to an end, I knew that glass was a fun thing that I wanted to do so I decided to transfer to a school that had a glass program.

Jeremy Unterman

Artist and Museum glassmaker Jeremy Unterman

What made you interested in this position?

I didn’t know exactly how to get my foot in the door to any glassmaking jobs when I got out of school, so I went to work at this metal shop for about three or four years, but I was looking to get back into glassmaking again. One day I went home and hopped online thinking, “I need to find a glass job” so I started searching for a glass job and The Corning Museum of Glass came up and there was a job opening for a facility coordinator. I read the job description and I said, “That’s my job.”

What’s your favorite class that you’ve taught?

I like teaching cane making classes. I’ve taught some of those in the past and they’re pretty enjoyable because it’s a little more involved.

Are you currently working on any of your own projects?

I just finished up a little production run in the spring just before summer started. All that stuff ended up over at the Museum Shops.

Jeremy Unterman

Untitled by Jeremy Unterman

What is your favorite food?

I don’t have a favorite food…I try not to have favorites.

If you could have any one superpower what would it be?

Everlasting stamina.

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