Meet a Museum Glassmaker: Kyle Lavery

Kyle Lavery

Artist and Museum Glassmaker Kyle Lavery

Kyle Lavery got his start in glass at Keystone College where he took glassblowing as an independent study. When he came to Corning, upon a friend’s request, he was instantly hooked.

What do you do here at the Museum?

I am one of The Studio technicians and we help run and maintain the facility.

What made you interested in this position?

This was the best of both worlds for me. I’m around glass and I get to make glass and I still get to do the hands-on stuff that I’m used to, like construction. It’s pretty much the same thing but in the glass world. Instead of the houses, I’m building kilns and furnaces.

What was your first experience with glass?

It was quite a while ago when I came to the Museum; I made a flower with my family and had a great time. While I was at Keystone, I noticed that they had a glass program so I took the beginning class and I loved it.

Are you currently working on any of your own projects?

Other than making pumpkins for the Museum, I haven’t made any of my own work as of yet. I have a bunch of things that I’m going to try. I’ve started working with enameling, that’ll be where I’m going next.

Untitled Kyle Lavery

Untitled by Kyle Lavery (Photo by Ann Cady)

What is your favorite food?

A nice steak is always good.

If you could have any one superpower what would it be?

The ability to fly.

If you were in a circus what act would you want to be?

I would probably be the strong man – the guy that’s always picking up the crazy heavy stuff.

Who is your favorite glass artist?

There are a few different styles of work that I would say that I like. Of course, I love Bill Gudenrath’s style; it’s very impressive that he does the work all by himself. Bill is definitely somebody that I look up to as a glass artist. On the enameling side – which has a little bit of the feel of where I’m going to next in my own work – would be David Walters, Lino Tagliapietra’s assistant, who enamels vessels.

What is your favorite part of the Museum?

As a whole, being surrounded by the glass and people who enjoy what they do. The community is one of the best parts, besides being able to do what I love to do.

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