Hot Glass Show on the Celebrity Eclipse

Today’s post comes from Ryan Doolittle, one of our glassblowers onboard the Celebrity Eclipse.

Hello from the Hot Glass Show on the Celebrity Eclipse! Here is a fantastic Hot Glass team (Brandyn Callahan, Bob Swidergal and Ryan Doolittle) doing what they love to do best whilst sailing the high seas. Showcasing the taffy-like quality of this molten material Brandyn demonstrates a cane pull, which will later be chopped into pencil-length segments and rolled up to make a vase with defined lines.

Each cruise the Hot Glass team hosts a live auction to raise money for a scholarship fund so folks can have the opportunity to take classes for free at the teaching facility, The Studio, in Corning, NY. One special glass piece in the auction goes toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Ryan spins out a glass flower bowl.

Ryan spins out a glass flower bowl.

In this video, Ryan is creating the BCRF piece, which is a flower bowl with the pink and purple flower petals layered on the inside and then covered with white glass. She first helped a fellow glass artist, Helen Tegeler, use this petal technique while working together on another ship. Ryan adds her own flower flair by attaching six optic twisted vine bits on the outside of the bowl that influence the shape of the flower when the spin out happens at the end. Having the BCRF piece be a beautiful flower sends a positive and hopeful message that resonates with the glass fans on board.

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The Museum collaborates with Celebrity Cruises to tell the world about glass. Learn more about the Hot Glass Show at Sea.

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  1. Hi Ryan……..we sailed and watched you many times on the Eclipse in Feb. 2013……..the cruise with Dan and George.  We have also sailed with Brandon in Dec. 2014 but you had just left the ship a few weeks earlier.

    Now I have been to CMOG and the flowers I made are truly one of a kind works of Ron………..Art, maybe not, but we like them and I made them.
    ………….thank you again Kurt for the second try you kindly offered…..the second flower is great and doesn’t look like it’s carnivorous like the first one.


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