Conservator Stephen Koob Wins Award for Dedication to Training and Mentoring

Not only is our chief conservator, Stephen Koob, one of the best glass conservators in the world, but he’s also dedicated to being a mentor and teacher to others in the field.

Every year, he devotes time to training conservation interns at The Corning Museum of Glass, and he can be found teaching in conservation programs and field schools around the world, including Winterthur and NYU’s archaeological excavation field school on Samothrace, Greece. In 2006, he authored the authoritative work, Conservation and Care of Glass Objects, which is a resource for other conservators and students.

It’s not surprising then, that Steve recently received the Sheldon and Caroline Keck Award from the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). The award is given to an individual who has “a sustained record of excellence in the education and training of conservation professionals.”


In the words of Pamela Hatchfield, president of the AIC, who presented Steve with the award in May:

“Stephen Koob has had a tremendous influence in our field: who has not heard of Koob’s tubes? Steve has made many worthy contributions to our profession through his many practical and substantive publications, but in addition to this he has taken his obligation for the future of our profession to heart.

He has been training and mentoring young professionals since his early days on excavations, continuing throughout his museum conservation career. He has consistently worked with interns and young people entering our field who sought guidance and information. Steve has also taught many students through his lectures and collaborations with training programs here and abroad.

There is no question that he is sets an example that mentoring those entering our profession is an obligation we share. He has always been a thoughtful and responsible resource on many subjects.  He is a natural teacher, always generously sharing his extensive knowledge.

‘I can honestly say that I learned more from Steve of practical, lasting value in the few short weeks I was fortunate enough to work with him as I had in as many preceding years,’ says one former student. Colleagues praise his dedication and practical approach as a teacher.”

We are proud of Steve and all that he does for the Museum and for the field.

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