Blowing Glass in the Mediterranean

Waiting for the Baltic region to warm up, the Celebrity Eclipse happily heads out to the Mediterranean shortly after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Being a very similar climate to San Diego, where I live, I encounter lots of familiar plant species and feel right at home.

Malaga, Spain is a beautiful beach town with so much more to offer in culture.

I love the long stretch of parks and paths containing many tropical species from five different continents that run along the marina. I was feeling pretty inspired by my stroll and decided to make this bird of paradise piece with stopper. I hardly travel anywhere without my sketchbook and giant Ziploc bag of colored pencils!

Our next port of call is Cannes, France and the film festival just happened to be going on which was a real treat. We did not spot any celebrities nor did we get discovered, but we did find some beautiful scenery as we sailed away. Oh don’t mind us we are just passing through with the French Alps in the background. Another extraordinary ordinary day here in the life of the Hot Glass Show team!

Taryn and Ryan

Taryn and Ryan

Returning to familiar ports always creates challenges of finding new adventures. This one in particular really rocked! A group of us on the cruise ship decided to hike up to the top of The Rock of Gibraltar. What fantastic views from every step of the way. It was also a great way to work off the macaroons previously devoured in Cannes. Whew! What a workout! The top of The Rock is known to be home to these little fellas. Hold onto your hats, sunglasses and ice creams because they are quite the little crooks.

Lisbon, Portugal takes a spot in my top 5 favorite cities. Not only do they have delicious port wine but they are also known for the tastiest cream filled pastries! My teammates, Ryan Doolittle, Bob Swidergal and I felt it was very important we try some of these local refreshments. It’s a city filled with stunning architecture, street art and lots of charm from the ornate tiles that cover the city.

Lisbon architecture

Lisbon architecture

There is something very romantic about Lisbon when you see these beautiful tiled buildings that are a bit cracked and covered with vines. It gives it such a vibrant, yet homey and worn in feel. I can find inspiration anywhere but especially in a place like Lisbon. After visiting a local décor store I created this piece. Ryan and I love making purple glass!

Headed to the Baltic now. Cheers!

The Museum collaborates with Celebrity Cruises to tell the world about glass. Celebrity SolsticeCelebrity Equinox, and Celebrity Eclipse each include a hotshop on the top deck of the ship where Corning Museum of Glass gaffers present live, narrated Hot Glass Show glassblowing demonstrations. A popular activity for guests, the Hot Glass Show at sea reaches more than 300,000 people each year as the ships visit ports around the world. Learn more about the Hot Glass Show at Sea.

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  1. Yay purple glass, Lisbon exploration/inspiration times and French Alps sail aways! Miss you lady, hope the rest of your contract is simply marvelous!

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