Sigga Heimis at Designgalleriet Stockholm

Designer Sigga Heimis’ first solo exhibition in Sweden is now on view at Designgalleriet in Stockholm through November 15, 2013. The exhibition, titled Organic, presents glass organs prototyped and created with The Corning Museum of Glass GlassLab Design Program. Gigantic glass hearts, lungs and brains bring awareness to organ donation.

Organic: Sigga Heimis at Designgalleriet Stockholm

Sigga Heimis has been working with GlassLab since 2007 at ArtBasel Miami. Heimis initially designed a complete set of organs including kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestines and heart.

Life vs. Death

The collaboration with GlassLab has continued and the collection now includes giant eyeballs, hearts, brains, blood cells and many other objects.

Organic: Sigga Heimis at Designgalleriet Stockholm

“Glass is a fascinating stuff. No other material has the qualities and characteristics of this amazing substance that so easily catches one’s eye. It is the perfect material to use when someone’s attention is needed,” says designer Sigga Heimis. “We want people to notice an urgent social situation in our world when it comes to organ donation. There are simply too few individuals that donate their organs and the need is big. Can we use a fascinating material through channels of design to evoke attention to an urgent matter?”

“The shapes of the human organs are fluid and soft, perfect to interpret in glass.  Organs are very fragile but can also be very strong, depending on circumstances – just like glass. They are all generally the same, regardless of background, color and ethnicity and most of us can donate and receive,” says Heimis.

Organic: Sigga Heimis at Designgalleriet Stockholm

Designgalleriet, a non-profit organization, is Stockholm’s liveliest design arena. On a monthly basis upcoming designers as well as more established professionals exhibit their latest work. Fashion, craft, industrial design and graphic design are exhibited. Since the opening 2008, some of Sweden’s most established designers have showed their new work there, including Claesson Koivisto Rune, Monica Förster and fashion liebling Bea Szenfeld. Designers from Norway, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Britain, Italy and Japan have exhibited at Designgalleriet.

GlassLab designer Sigga Heimis and Museum glassmaker Eric Meek created an oversized glass heart for an upcoming show in Stockholm

For purchasing information, contact the GlassMarket at 1.800.723.9156

Read a brief interview with Sigga Heimis from when she was at Corning in August creating the pieces for the show: Sigga Heimis has a big heart.

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