Hot Glass in the Windy City

Since 2005, we’ve taken our Hot Glass Roadshow mobile unit to SOFA Chicago, the world’s foremost fair devoted to Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design. We love the breadth of work that is displayed here, and the crossover of art and design. We also love that we get to work with some of the artists represented at SOFA. Our public demonstrations provide SOFA visitors with a deeper understanding of the techniques and skill required to make these works. You can see that the Hot Glass Roadshow is pretty popular.

The show opened on Navy Pier in Chicago on Friday and runs throughout the weekend.

The schedule of artists working on the Museum’s mobile hotshop includes John Miller, Richard Jolley, Laura Donefer and Little Black Pearl. See the complete list.


Jamie Harris (today’s “mystery guest”) at work.

This year, we partnered with SOFA for a new program called CONNECT, a student design exhibition and competition. On Friday, three students were chosen to participate in live design programs. Their objects will be displayed tomorrow and Sunday in the Chubb Personal Insurance booth.

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