Arik Levy, Sylvain Dubuisson, and Matali Crasset at GlassLab

At GlassLab this week we’re working with designers who have participated in a GlassLab before as well as designers new to the process.

The first designer of the day, Arik Levy, first worked with GlassLab at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in 2008. He then was at GlassLab at Art Basel/Vitra Design Museum in 2011. Arik is based in Paris, and was happy to return to GlassLab in his city, although, he notes, it’s not about the place, “but the people and the ideas created at GlassLab.”


Arik’s first project brought together three different colors of glass containers blown together hot into a wooden mold.


His second design involved a dichotomous combination of textures. By wrapping sharp barbed wire with hot glass, the end result is a soft, smooth object, but with a hidden abrasive interior. The action drew a large crowd at the Tuileries Garden, where GlassLab is set up for the next 4 days.


French designer Sylvain Dubuisson is an architect and a product and furniture designer. For his first design performance with GlassLab, he worked with the glassmakers to create organ-shaped objects encased in clear glass.

The day rounded out with a GlassLab veteran, French industrial designer Matali Crasset. Inspired by 19th century glass wig stands, Matali designed a playful take on the concept in her signature colorful style.

Matali will have two more design performances this week in Paris. Upcoming designers include Wendell Castle and François Bauchet. Sylvain Dubuisson will return for a second session on Friday.


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