Get to Know a Gaffer: G Brian Juk

G Brian Juk combines blown, kiln-cast, and hot-worked solid glass to create forms of beauty. First introduced to hot glass in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, G Brian went on to study fine arts at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. By making utilitarian pieces, he feels a deeper connection with the user. He loves the notion of forging a relationship with someone who is drinking from one of his tumblers or using a candy dish. G Brian has taught numerous classes at The Studio, and has worked with the Museum’s Hot Glass Show for several years, narrating and demonstrating for audiences around the world.

What do you do here at the Museum?
I work for the Hot Glass Show. I really enjoy engaging the audience and showing them what we are passionate about.

What is the focus of your personal work?
My work combines function with surface decoration.

Blue Marble Vases by G Brian Juk

What are you currently working on in your own projects?
I am mixing and blending different colors together to create wonderful patterns.

What inspires your work?
I am inspired by the places I go and what I discover when I’m there.

Holland Fan Vase by G Brian Juk

Holland Fan Vase by G Brian Juk

Favorite food?
Changes with the tide.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?
Throughout India

Lino or Pino?
William Morris

Bicycle or Motorcycle?

Batch or cullet?
Corning Batch Company

Newspaper or steam pad?
The Wall Street Journal

G Brian

G Brian at the Hot Glass Show

See photos and video of G at work.

This blog is part of the Get to Know a Gaffer series, highlighting the Museum’s talented team of glassmakers. See them in action at the Hot Glass Show at the Museum, on the road, and at sea on Celebrity Cruises.

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