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There is a vibrant community of thousands of glass bead artists across the world. The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass is an educational center for this community, and many artists travel to Corning, NY, to participate in intensive flameworking class programs which are offered every winter and summer. Some of these artists are assisted by The Studio’s scholarship program.

Every year, The Studio reserves one scholarship to a beadmaking-focused class for a student of UrbanGlass’ Bead Project. The Bead Project is a program developed by UrbanGlass, in Brooklyn, NY, to assist underprivileged women in developing skills in glass beadmaking, and then helps them sell their work as an additional source of income. The scholarship recipient is chosen by her instructor and by UrbanGlass staff based on the students’ personal growth and achievement during the preceding semesters.

Tamika Gordon was given a scholarship to take a class at The Studio with renowned glass beadmaker and silversmith, Kristina Logan last year. “Tamika really stood out in level of technique. She mastered it in a way other students hadn’t by that point,” says Rachel Feinberg, development officer of UrbanGlass.

–   Glass beads made by Tamika, Bead Project scholarship recipient (photos courtesy of Tamika Gordon)

Tamika says of her experience at The Studio, “The class was amazing, I was excited about the class before I arrived but once I got there the magnitude of the excitement grew. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to take the course, [The Studio at] Corning is an exceptional facility, Kristina Logan is a great teacher and being surrounded by the various levels of talented artists was inspiring.”

Amy Schwartz, director of The Studio, says of the scholarship program, “Glass is magical and it has a way of stirring people’s passions. We are happy to be part of the development of artists such as Tamika by providing scholarships to our summer program.”

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Quinn Doyle is a contemporary artist focused on producing beautifully designed functional and sculptural objects in glass, as well as paintings involving narrative visions of the figure. In addition to producing her independent studio line, she assists other artists in their glassware production and teaches courses in hot glassworking. She currently maintains her personal studio space at the bottom of a waterfall in gorgeous Ithaca, NY. Her work is represented in galleries and shops nationwide.

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