Holiday Glass Around the World

Inspired by our ornament tree here at The Corning Museum of Glass, students at the Nuutajärvi Glass Village in Finland created their own hand-blown glass ornament tree to celebrate the season and the tradition of glassblowing.

Nuutajärvi Glass Village ornament tree

The Finnish glass ornament tree

Nuutajärvi is home to Finland’s oldest glass factory, and is where the Toikka glass birds are made. Sara Hulkkonen, glassblowing teacher at the Tavastia Vocational Institute in Nuutajärvi, stated:

The tree was built up for the first time and will be shown at a craft fair in Tampere, Finland. Later, hopefully before the snow comes, we can install it in our glass village in Nuutajärvi where it will be a milestone for our jubilee next year. In 2013 it will be 220 years since the glass factory was started in Nuutajärvi and 20 years since the start of the glass education in the village…The project has been wonderful and we feel that it has made the glass community grow stronger.

The tree is made up of almost 1500 ornaments, and the frame was crafted by the school’s metal students. Congratulations to the students in Nuutajärvi, and happy holidays!

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