Introduction to the Collection Series: The Rakow Research Library Article Index

Article Index is one of the Rakow Research Library’s two main holding catalogs. It is locally created, maintained, and edited by the bibliographer and other staff members of the library. It contains citations to articles in journals, magazines, newsletters, and other periodicals owned by the library. Article Index also contains citations to book chapters, known as analytic entries. The Rakow Research Library’s periodical collection covers a wide range of topics and time periods, the common thread being the presence of glass content. Consequently, a typical stack of periodicals that ends up on the bibliographer’s cart would likely contain a selection from the following:

  • Journals and magazines with sole focus on glass (Glass Art, Glass Club Bulletin, Glashaus, etc.)
  • Archaeology journals covering all time periods and geographic locations (Medieval Archaeology, Slovenská Archelógia, Journal of Roman Archaeology, etc.)
  • Newsletters, bulletins, annual reports, acquisitions, and catalogs of museums, collectors’, or historical societies (La Revue des Musées de France, NewsJournal of the Early American Pattern Glass Society, Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association Inc., etc.)
  • Publications focusing on one type of glass, such as historical stained glass, beads, bottles, paperweights, marbles, etc. (Stained Glass, Glass Bead, Bottles and Extras, etc.)
  • Journals and magazines focusing on one geographic area or culture (Arts of Asia, American Indian Art Magazine, African Arts, etc.)
  • Journals, magazines, and newspapers covering the antiques and collectibles field (Antiques and the Arts Weekly, Antique Collecting, The Magazine Antiques, etc.)
  • Journals and magazines covering the arts (fine, decorative, and applied), art history, crafts, design, and interior decoration (Form Function Finland, Design Matters, Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, etc.)
  • Journals and magazines with focus on contemporary architecture, interior design, and lighting (L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Domus, Metropolis, etc.)
  • Journals and other publications covering the fields of glass science, technology, conservation, and industry (Glass Technology, Rivista della Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, Glass International, etc.)

While the Rakow Research Library theoretically collects materials in all languages, those most commonly occurring in the library’s approximately 850 current periodical subscriptions are: English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Greek.

In addition, articles can also be found in the so-called Vertical Files (VF), located in steel cabinets along the wall of the stacks area. This resource typically contains offprints of book chapters and photocopies of articles from older issues of newspapers and magazines. Article Index holdings can be searched online at

Finally, below is a small puzzle based on the more creative/poetic periodical titles in the collection of the Rakow Research Library. Try to match the phrases below with the actual periodical titles at the bottom of the page. Every phrase should have at least one match, and some titles do not have matching phrases. We’ll post the answers next week.

– used to deal in more lucrative merchandise

– no one knows for sure, but everyone claims to have it

– the best efforts of a slacking college student

– not a Spice Girls band member

– my 1998 e-vectra desktop computer

– two crows playing poker

– arsonist’s favorite magazine

– the troubles of arctic scuba divers

– he’s out on bail again

– when you run out of nouns and adjectives

The Beadazzled Beadstringer, Crown Jewels of the Wire, The Cutting Edge, Expanded Vision, Goofus Glass Gazette, Home Lighting & Accessories, The Locktender, Milk Dealer, Miniature News, Occasional Papers, Out’n About, The Plain Truth, Pole Top Discoveries, The Rocky Mountain Druggist, Salty Comments, Things, Tiny Times, Whispering Wind, Wooden Nutmeg.

This is the fourth installment of the Rakow Research Library’s Introduction to the Collection Series.
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