2011 Hot Glass Roadshow: Glass Art Society, Seattle

The Hot Glass Roadshow is a mobile studio that allows artists to blow glass in virtually any environment anywhere in the world.  We brought the Roadshow to this year’s Glass Art Society Conference in Seattle, WA, where we had the opportunity to work with amazing artists.

To make all this happen, the team had to work out the logistics of setting up the Roadshow in the Seattle Convention Center.  John Cowden helped set up the stage:

“This is the truck maneuvering in the Seattle Convention Center where the Glass Art Society Conference took place.  This room is on the fourth floor.  The truck drove up through the curving ramp up four floors.  The Convention Center is on both sides of Pike Street and the truck drove over a bridge in the Convention Center from one side of the street to the other.  We made it out with just one flat tire!”

The truck arrives

Ready for action

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