Top 13 of 2013

Interested in what web visitors were interested in seeing online in 2013? Here are the top 13 artworks viewed on in 2013. This year’s major exhibition, Life on a String: 35 Centuries of the Glass Bead, sparked interest in some of the smallest and most intricate objects in our collection, while highlights on view by Richard Marquis also made the list. Rounding out the list are Museum favorites like the Roman cage cup and Karen LaMonte’s life-size sculpture, along with recent acquisitions and works new on view.

13. Roman Cage Cup, blown, cast, cut. Roman Empire, about 300. (87.1.1, Purchased with funds from the Arthur Rubloff Residuary Trust)

12.  Turquoise Cactus BeadKristina Logan, Portsmouth, NH, 1995. H: 4.6 cm, W: 5 cm, D: 2.3 cm. (2013.4.1)

11.  Evening Dress with Shawl, Karen LaMonte, Czech Republic, Zelezny Brod, 2004. H: 150 cm, W: 121 cm, D: 59.5 cm. (2005.3.21, gift in part of the Ennion Society)

10.  Bead with Cane Eyes, wound, trailed. Islamic, possibly Syria, 8th–11th centuries. H. 2.9 cm, Diam. 3.4 cm. (98.1.62, gift of Carl Berkowitz and Derek Content)

9. Squirrel Horn ConstructionRichard Marquis, Berkeley, CA, 1981. H: 45.8 cm, W: 18.5 cm. (2007.4.174, gift of the Ben W. Heineman Sr. Family)

8. Red PyramidStanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova, Czech Republic, Zelezny Brod, 1993. H: 83.4 cm, W: 119.3 cm, D: 28.2 cm. (94.3.101, gift of the artists)

7. The Righteous Shall Receive A Crown of Glorydesigned by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Frederick Wilson. Made by Tiffany Studios, Corona, NY about 1901. H: 383.5 cm, W: 233.7 cm. (96.4.230, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Randall)

6. Lord’s Prayer MurrinaRichard Marquis, Chico, CA, 1971. H: 1.7 cm, W: 2.2 cm, D: 0.5 cm. (94.4.111, gift of Richard Marquis)

5. Eye Beadcore-formed, trailed. Possibly Carthage (in modern Tunisia), possibly Eastern Mediterranean, 600-250 BC. Diam (max): 1.2 cm, Th: 0.8 cm. (54.1.143-3)

4. Bead with Feather Patternwound, applied, marvered. Ancient Islamic, 600-799. H: 2.1 cm, Diam: 2.6 cm. (95.1.36, bequest of Jerome Strauss)

3. Tree of Life [Stained Glass Window from the Darwin D. Martin House, Buffalo, New York], Frank Lloyd Wright, 1904. H: 100.9 cm. (92.4.175, Clara S. Peck Endowment)

2.  CityscapeJay Musler, 1981. Blown, cut, sandblasting, airbrushing. H: 23.2 cm, Diam (max): 45.6 cm. (82.4.8)

And finally, as a fitting tribute to Harvey K. Littleton who passed away in early December, the top object in the Museum’s online collections browser was the colorful sculpture Ruby Conical Intersection with Amber Sphere.

Ruby Conical Intersection with Amber Sphere, Harvey K. Littleton, Spruce Pine, NC, 1984. H: 27.4 cm, W: 19.5 cm, D: 9.7 cm. (2007.4.169, gift of the Ben W. Heineman Sr. Family)1.  Ruby Conical Intersection with Amber SphereHarvey K. Littleton, Spruce Pine, NC, 1984. H: 27.4 cm, W: 19.5 cm, D: 9.7 cm. (2007.4.169, gift of the Ben W. Heineman Sr. Family)

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