Behind the Glass

Curatorial team moving part of "Evening Dress with Shawl"

Curatorial team moving part of “Evening Dress with Shawl”

Visitors to The Corning Museum of Glass are often curious about how we do what we do here at the Museum. Who takes care of all that fragile glass in the collection? How often do you have to dust? How do you move glass objects without breaking them? Where did the gaffers learn to make glass (and do they ever burn themselves)? How can I learn more about the artist who made my favorite piece? And who is that friendly, tall American gentleman translating the Hot Glass Show in Mandarin?!

This blog was created to give you a glimpse of the people and activities behind the scenes at The Corning Museum of Glass. Please comment and feel free to ask questions or suggest things you’d like to know more about.

To start, we wanted to introduce just a few of the staff members who work here. Visit this Flickr stream to meet them.

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